Building a master plan of your property is the most important step to initiating a landscape renovation. We cannot stress that enough. Getting all of your ideas and thoughts together and discussing them with a professional designer will assure landscape success. A landscape design will solve landscape challenges while creating a cohesive, functional and elegant garden plan.

Modern Blue Concepts is eager to create beautiful and breathtaking outdoor living spaces for your home. Our company is dedicated to giving our clients the knowledge and design they need to pursue the landscape of their dreams. We will help you with the details needed to install your landscape. Whether you plan to install the landscape all at once or over a number of years, our designs will help you meet your goals whether they are short or long-term.

A master plan is all about organizing and prioritizing.

Our master plan services include:

  • Site evaluation – a thorough review of the property. Measurements and photos are taking to start the design process. We will make note of any existing landscaping that you would like to incorporate into the new plan.
  • Client evaluation – interviewing the clients. This is an important step in expressing your landscape interests and needs. We will creatively use this information to develop a cohesive landscape plan.
  • Conceptual design – if a client is interested, we will email a rough layout of where the design is going. It is a great way to discuss where the project is headed and make any alterations as needed. (Some clients prefer to skip this step; it can be a little confusing if you are not accustomed to looking at a plan view design; no problem, we are here to help!)
  • Design presentation – we will come back to your home to discuss the plans for your newly designed landscape. This is a very exciting step, you will be very eager to start working on transforming your landscape.
  • Installation – we can’t wait to see the finished project. Whether you are doing the project yourself or plan to hire a landscape contractor to guide you through the process, we look forward to seeing the finished project and would love to watch it grow! Keep in touch 🙂

We use computer-aided design to create our landscape plans and three-dimensional designs. We provide our expert design services to homeowners and landscape contractors. Please contact us for our design rates.