Modern Blue Concepts is a landscape design company based in the western suburbs of Chicago. We enjoy contemporary landscape design styles and enjoy creating relaxing retreats for our clients to enjoy. We have a landscape plan for every individual whether you choose to install the project yourself or hire the right contractors to complete the landscape installation for you. Just view our design process and see which option is best for you. We want your experience to be extraordinary and our design system allows you to choose the route that works best for you, your family, your lifestyle and budget.


Meet Stacey

Stacey is a landscape designer with a passion for modern design, incorporating environmentally friendly options, and prefers to use a cool color palette highlighted with a little bold kick. She enjoys clean lines and functional spaces that are surrounded by soft, comforting and relaxing plant material. Of course, not everyone will have her exact taste… every design is tailored to the homeowner’s satisfaction. A home’s architecture and the client’s style are the top priority.

Stacey is an Illinois State University graduate with a degree in Agribusiness and Horticulture. Since graduating in 2002, she has continued to work in the Illinois region. First starting out in Peoria IL, she then headed out to the Chicago suburbs. She has worked with a number of great designers over the years that have inspired her and influenced her design style over the years.